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Shinzo Maeda

Shinzo Maeda was born in 1922 in Shimo-Ongata, Hachioji City, Tokyo. In 1948 he was employed by Nichimen Co., Ltd., and worked there for the next 17 years. In 1967 he founded Tankei Photo Agency Co., Ltd., and becomes it's representative and a professional photographer. His personal style of landscape photography won him a number of major awards in his lifetime, including the top prize of the Japan Photographers Association. Before his death in 1998, he published forty-six photo books in Japan, and eight in other countries.


The Four Seasons of a Home Town, The Mainichi Newspapers
The Colors of Japan, Ryoko Yomiuri Publishing Co.
Mountains and Rivers of a Home Town, The Mainichi Nwespapers
The Moment of Encounter, The Mainichi Newspapers
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Kokusai Johosha Publishing Co. ($400)
Hokkaido - Poetry of the Earth, Shueisha Publishing Co.
Scenes from Nature, Hoikusha Publishing Co.
A Tree, A Blade of Grass, 260x294mm, Graphic-sha Publising Co. ISBN 4-7661-0278-9. (3800 Yen)
   (This was also published by Benedikt Taschen Verlag under the title Bäume und Gräser, probably in 1985.)
Shinzo Maeda, Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co.
The Nippon Alps, Kamikochi, Graphic-sha Publising Co. (3800 Yen)
Participates in: Landscape Photography, Amphoto, U.S.A.
Scenes in Four Seasons, Nippon Camera Publishing Co.
Ambling in Nature, The Mainichi Newspapers.
Okumikawa, Graphic-sha Publishing Co. (3800 Yen)
Hills of Color - Scenes and Seasons, Graphic-sha Publishing Co.
Oka no shiki, Graphic-sha ($102).
Die Japanische Alpen, Kamikochi, 260x294mm, Benedikt Taschen Verlag. ISBN 3-8228-0049-X.
   (This is a translation of the book which appeared three years earlier under the title The Nippon Alps, Kamikochi.)
Oku Mikawa, Photographien von Shinzo Maeda, 260x294mm, Benedikt Taschen Verlag. ISBN 3-8228-0057-0.
   (This is a translation of the book which appeared two years earlier under the title Okumikawa)
Sansen no kusaki, Graphic-sha ($102)
White Fantasy, 168x190mm, ISBN 4-06-203401-8 (1200 Yen).
Summer Splendor, 168x190mm, ISBN 4-06-203908-7 (1200 Yen).
Autum Colors, 168x190mm, ISBN 4-06-204397-1 (1200 Yen).
Haru no daichi, Kodansha ($36).
Kamikochi Sansaku, 168x190mm, ISBN 4-06-204947-3. (1200 Yen).
   (Looks like a reprint/republishment of The Nippon Alps, Kamikochi of 1984.)
Spring Earth, 168x190mm, ISBN 4-06-204645-8. (1200 Yen).
The Summer of Hillop Tower, 288x224mm, ISBN 4-06-205410-8. (3689 Yen).
Kamikochi Sansaku, 168x190mm, ISBN 4-06-205321-7. (1200 Yen).
The Story of Takushinkan, 168x188mm, ISBN 4-06-206596-7. (1200 Yen).
Yoshino Syunjyu, 168x190mm, ISBN 4-06-206882-6. (1200 Yen).
Murou Syunjyu, 168x190mm, ISBN 4-06-207184-3. (1200 Yen).
???, 175x195mm, ISBN 4-06-266551-4. (1456 Yen).
Summer Hills, 264x215mm, ISBN 4-06-270051-4. (2400 Yen).
Floral Landscapes, 264x215mm, ISBN 4-06-270052-2. (2400 Yen).
Pastoral Memories, 264x215mm, ISBN 4-06-270053-0. (2400 Yen).
Autumn Hills, 264x215mm, ISBN 4-06-270054-9. (2400 Yen).
Expressive Trees, 264x215mm, ISBN 4-06-270055-7. (2400 Yen).
Winter Hills, 264x215mm, ISBN 4-06-270056-5. (2400 Yen).
Seasonal Pictures, 264x215mm, ISBN 4-06-270057-3. (2400 Yen).
Spring Hills, 264x215mm, ISBN 4-06-270058-1. (2400 Yen).
Aki no irodori, Kodansha ($36).

Availability of the books

Some of the above books can be found on the popular book sites. There is also a book club in Japan that has them on sale. They even have a page dedicated toShinzo Maeda. The above list of publications was made with help from this site. Please follow the links on the ISBN numbers for more information. To order any of these pictures, send your requests to:

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